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Renzo big gay
by EdgyQuester November 02, 2018

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Name for a kid with a small penis.
Wow look it's austen schliffka
by Schry March 21, 2017

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an overall funny guy and thinks that being black is a good thing
yall gay said khamorie
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by shakesha December 20, 2018

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a huge fucking faggot
timothy is a faggot
by TheActualRealTruth September 28, 2018

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complete dumb shit
nathen grace is a fag
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by papa n og December 20, 2017

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That gay ass motherfucker who tells us we are blocking the stair well when we are 3 ft from it.
Oh look, its stick up fag ass
by mualilithx March 10, 2018

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when some nerd says a bad joke
nerd: your ugly
any one else: bad joke but shrek called he wants his face back

that’s a good joke ^ or any your mom joke or dad jokes
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by judithondabeat March 12, 2019

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