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Some mutha fucka that steals yo shit!
Yo tony the fuck you doing!
by Bahaa fagana 3 March 09, 2017

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A person who fights for gay rights
Helgi Poulsen is a homofighter - He is such a great supporter of fags and LGBT rights
by eve99 May 08, 2018

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An annoying kid with high functioning autism, who is a attention whore
"That guy is such a Ruben Morgan"
by SirCucksAlot February 05, 2018

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An Asian guy who you can't have a conversation with, because he says "I guess" a million times. Also asks you why you're so stressed when he is he problem. Also, he is fucking racist, and uses the word nigger too fuckin much.
That guy Twin_FaCe is so fuckin annoying.
by Isaclay February 13, 2017

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A fag who is gay but is hiding it and only wears hats when it's Un necessary
Jamal was just acting kaleb skylar Kraft when he got turned on by the man without a shirt
by Ben Reems December 06, 2016

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That gay ass motherfucker who tells us we are blocking the stair well when we are 3 ft from it.
Oh look, its stick up fag ass
by mualilithx March 10, 2018

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A complete fag that nobody cares about not only that but he is also a complete drama queen
Your acting like such a graydon
by gwe5tyy4wy43 May 03, 2017

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