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What you type in to your computer when you want to go to Facebook, but your too much of a lazy fuck to type the entire thing in.
Oldie: Go to www.Facebook.com
Millennial: This is 2017, just type in f
by CallMeMrSir March 02, 2017

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The desperate shouting of contradictions and accusations by one who cannot face reality
After a reporter confronted the president with his lack of credibility as a result of the misinformation he had provided to the press and the American people, the president had a trumpasm.
by Ingbritfur February 21, 2017

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Short for "reacts," as in Facebook reactions (like, love, laugh, etc.).

Used largely, though not exclusively, by highly insecure 18-25s, particularly of the variety who frequent Facebook groups dedicated to sharing memes.
"Angry reaccs only"
by blUb100d August 06, 2017

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I found some bullets at a gas station and I did some research turns out that they are from an automatic assault rifle smdh (they were drill bits) found that on My Saggy Balls
by Nippletinsfinesthero January 10, 2018

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facebook is a site for people usually with an iq less than 80 OR they are usually over thirty. perfect for stalking n poking.
chat on facebook tonight, yeah?
by wellhello333 December 25, 2016

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a website for schools that try to copy 2004 facebook and still steals your info
dang sir I'ma instachat you
by randomdicesucksatwords November 22, 2017

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Hatred is a typical word used to express you’re (emotions) and usually taken as a (insult) To others but let’s be reminded that this (word) can be used to (invite) (happiness) and (enlighten )your day! (Hatred)can be used in sentences people (hate) on others because they truely hate themselves and usually have a lot to say about others they don’t know and hate the fact that others lives are a (mirrored) (image) of another’s.
Hatred-Don’t hate appreciate!
by Miss purr February 22, 2019

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