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Lauren.. where do I even start this girl is so mesmerizing it's Insane her big beautiful green eyes can just steel ur heart! She has freckles in the most perfect places she has white beautiful skin like cotton she's every guys dream they all want her but she's a tomboy so she doesn't really care at all until she finds the one then it all changes for her! She always smells like beautiful vanilla sugar and it makes me go wild lauren if u ever read this know I love u so much and you mean the world to me you sexy body girl
Fuck she's hot

Lauren means hot
by Dan chad December 10, 2017

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Naina beautiful eyes who has an amazing personality she is very creative and has a passion for music and art, she is super sexy and has the heart of a goddess, she has a the most beautiful simile, she loves animals mainly dogs. She is Naina everyone's favorite
That new kid Naina is so hot
by Hotchick@gmail.com August 16, 2017

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Look into my bofrackles, and see my soul.

Why would I call them eyes, Danielle. They're bofrackles.
by Capnricky November 10, 2018

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someones brown eyes.
Let me see your baby Browns babe!
by Evangelina June 18, 2018

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