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A person who has no friends due to the fact that they are always being extra in their school work. Mostly used to describe an annoying "overachiever".
Uh, this dude is so extra, he's totally being a bag of twat right now. No wonder he has no friends.
by Un-overachiever December 16, 2016

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an over exaggerated amount of being extra
Cornelia was mad so she went into her room, slammed the door, then reopened it just to slam it again and then came back out. How uber extra of her!!
by rachellevy January 02, 2017

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When somebody makes something extra
ah miss is giving us an hour long homework dats a strech
by bxbycakesxx July 07, 2017

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the act of being so extra that you become an extrocity
"oh my god that was so extra, you are an extrocity"
by hpdmhgrw November 17, 2017

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another word for extra
oh my god did you see the prescription clout goggles vanessa has, she’s so ava
by schneetledeetle May 08, 2018

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When someone is clearly being extra and overcompensating.
My teacher is doing the most by laughing hysterically at his own jokes says. It's obvious that he tries to be funny to overcompensate for being lame.
by laughingloser January 01, 2017

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When you SOOOOOOOOOOOO extra you come up with a problem called Extralism
She is a extralism person
via giphy
by Taxationthename December 27, 2018

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