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An exclamation usually said before throwing a molotov cocktail but can be said shouted as a war-cry before running.
Using his quick thinking Jason lit up a molotov cocktail and threw it on the ground to escape.
by CrowgoesCaw October 26, 2018

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A word that best friends/ lovers use when very excited
by Hyperhannah04 April 12, 2018

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1. Exclamation upon recognizing a prior misfortune was actually a good thing.

2. Exclamation upon recognizing one's funny mistake.
3. Exclamation of general excitement.
Whoopsah! We're upgraded to first class seats after being bumped to a later flight!
by davespire January 08, 2019

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Multi purpose exclamation, like OMG for atheists.
Atoms! Last night’s beer bust was off the hook! So many hot guys! I didn’t know where to put my eyes, cuz everywhere I looked was full of hot men.
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by Sordid Affair December 16, 2018

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