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A fun thing for men but often annoying for women since it can leave a stain on her panties.
My vaginal discharge is ruining all my underwear!
by (◉ᴥ◉) July 27, 2018

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A paedophile who hunts kids with no mercy. He starts to act like their friend and boom sends them fucking pictures of his tiny dick.
Ew he just coreyliesed her
by HammerK August 22, 2017

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A guy that makes dirty songs and dates the ugliest girl in school.
Me: chri-
Chrissy poo:what's wrong honey cheeks, you're getting kinda freaky, i really love yo ass and i kinda wanna squeezey, you make me kinda horny baby please let me sip in easy, yo pussy so wet, it feelin kinda greasy
Uh yea

So baby calm down, I wanna go out, have some fun, drink some rum, so now we go down, in the bed, give me head, and that's the best, when you gettin kinda dirty
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by Trashy Tina May 29, 2018

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A very stupid and ugly male who thinks he’s amazing but is actually the definition of trash. Nobody likes an Eric Carmo
Ew that Eric Carmo is the basic trash bag
by Foxes4life 🦊 December 06, 2018

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A complete FUCK BOYYY makes those cringy musical.lys and thinks hes hot. ASKS EVERY GIRL OUT ecspecially the new girls but vv attractive
Me: ew i just saw a braden
Girl: did he ask you out again?
Me: yes...
by Ewstayaway November 15, 2017

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- Colonisers

- Ignorant

- Lack of tint, shade or tone
- Always down for an opportunity to make people feel bad about themselves
MAN: Yo, are you white?

MAN 2: Yeah, why?

MAN *swerves*: Fuck outta here with that ignorant bullshit

MAN 2: Oh.
by yeetorgetyacht March 14, 2019

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A person that's full of Fake Bullshit.
Don't become an olive butter .
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by Peniswrinkles December 06, 2016

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