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The next phase of the origional* acronym: Social Media Savey

*Derived from Short Message
The next phase of the origional* accronym: Social Media Savey

Adjective: Knowledgable of the IoT (Internet of Things), digital communication and technology; adept at interfacing between the real world and the world wide web, and; an awarenes of the real world they live in.
eg. “In no time at all they colated a ballanced view over a sensative subject, into a recuring online publication with text, images and videos. J is well SMS”

Noun: The SMS's

A group of people whoes esistance will be as short lived as the origional meaning.
They are predominantly the group of people who had phones at school long before the concept of 4g networks and data. Growing up at the begining of the internet and computer revolution and now having more worldly experiance the SMS's are the most adept and juggling the interface between the real world and the world wide web. However, as the rate of change is so fast and it is not uncommon to see smart phones being used by people who didnt grow up with colour TV and it is second nature to anyone joining the developed world now . The necessity to define Them will diminish and They will cease to exist.

The only saving grace for the SMS’s is if navigation between the real world and the world wide becomes viewed as a skill and a new industry is born… did that already happen?
by CrowdLeader December 27, 2016

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