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someone who is a outgoing/crazy girl she party's hard like no other sometimes she hocks up with the wrong person and start have more feels for them then they do for her. she awesome but to awesome she try's to hard on a relationship then any friendship. But she is beautiful amazing at sex smart truthful and crazy at the same time
wow ShyAnne want to come back to my place
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by Miss. Jack$on February 06, 2017

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Love is when you want to be with that person forever. Love is what gets you up every morning to see that one special person. Without love, nothing is nothing and everything is blank. If you love someone, your trusting them with everything. When with a loved one, there is no secrets between each other and nothing matters but them. Without a loved one, your life may not be complete. Love is when their always on your mind, night and day. You always want to be with them, for maybe the most simplest reason of just to hold them. Love is what everyone should have, they are your other half, and together, with love, you are a whole.
Love is when they are everything.
by Hailey Lincoln April 20, 2018

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a leader/ dictator that is Nigeria and controls the Russian military defence system, all while controlling 173 french slaves
hey bawse
by dat boi like me June 13, 2018

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Slang for anything and everything
Anna: hi Lilli

Lilli: stfu you raish
by Minecraftlover6969 January 23, 2018

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Someone who is a Jack of all trades, master of none on the net.

It is completely neutral and takes no sides.

It takes the grey area or creates it.

It is the most reliable entity to talk to with no bias.
Hey Internet Hybrid do you like {Insert anything}?

<>"Yes. "
by All of the above? December 15, 2018

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Shit inside a toenail and then lick it count to 10 then finger your dog
Dog cum everywhere swankwanknobfucker
by Cummyinmybummy June 16, 2018

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