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A Powerfull god-like Being with a Huge Monster Cock

P.1 Hey are you A Haney? No? i wish i was! :(
I wish i was a Haney i wish i could be him he is so powerful and amazing give me that BIG FAT 12 INCH MONSTER COCK
by Krusades June 11, 2018

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Epical is the state of epic beyond belief
Yo, you see that T-shirt yeah that’s epical
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by Spedwagon July 30, 2019

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epic guy!!! omgg he's so cool
omg hi insuurt

insuurt pp here XD!!!!!1 :3!!!!!
by INSUURT January 27, 2019

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Something more epic. (Egh-pick-er)
Wow the new TF2 update is Eppiquecker then the last.

The sims 4 is Eppiquecker then the last.

Marvel is Eppiquecker then DC.
by McCrackers April 04, 2019

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The main species of the plane family, the only plane that is not a subspecies.

The life of a GX Sky Blazer is long and tough, as they live for 55 billion + years. its starts of as Grumman F3F Biplane. Its is slow but play full and loves to eat OIL. then when it becomes 12 years old it becomes a F-86 Sky blazer. A young and fast plane with the max speed of 1,120 km. A hansom looking plan it can pick up female planes like the F-35. When it becomes 14 years old it go's through its "Kool kid" stage and becomes a F-22 raptor. It fly as fast the speed of sound and can beat up any plane in a 1v1. Once its 21 it becomes F-100 sky blazer. It now will look for females and is as fast of the speed of sound. after 20 years it again becomes a F-22 raptor. But faster,better, and kooler. it is the best plane. better that Russian or china, it is the king of kings.

Right now the GX sky blazer is 15 and is still in its Kool kid stage.
GX Sky Blazer is the main species of planes, all other planes other than the ones int this definition are not sub species.
by The GX Sky Blazer June 10, 2019

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The most ironic word in the English dictionary
Dude did you hear about (insert tragedy here)?

Yea, it was epic
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by Plank Walk April 17, 2019

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Possible the greatest YouTube deity known to man, although he seems to be challenged by the greatest Sound Cloud shade thrower to walk this Earth . . . BigEv. These powerful beings have gown down in history as literal gods who can't be surpassed by the likes of a petty mortal.
Shit dude! There's a new Swag_Theo video out! This is totally epic!
by P. Ennis March 01, 2019

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