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A Powerfull god-like Being with a Huge Monster Cock

P.1 Hey are you A Haney? No? i wish i was! :(
I wish i was a Haney i wish i could be him he is so powerful and amazing give me that BIG FAT 12 INCH MONSTER COCK
by Krusades June 11, 2018

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Inspirational person to all human beings on earth
Adolf Hitler was such a nice person
by xXx_EpicGamer69_xXx November 19, 2018

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epic guy!!! omgg he's so cool
omg hi insuurt

insuurt pp here XD!!!!!1 :3!!!!!
by INSUURT January 27, 2019

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Something more epic. (Egh-pick-er)
Wow the new TF2 update is Eppiquecker then the last.

The sims 4 is Eppiquecker then the last.

Marvel is Eppiquecker then DC.
by McCrackers April 04, 2019

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meaning awesome and cool
Jacob is not epic
by deb69 February 21, 2019

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The most ironic word in the English dictionary
Dude did you hear about (insert tragedy here)?

Yea, it was epic
via giphy
by Plank Walk April 17, 2019

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Possible the greatest YouTube deity known to man, although he seems to be challenged by the greatest Sound Cloud shade thrower to walk this Earth . . . BigEv. These powerful beings have gown down in history as literal gods who can't be surpassed by the likes of a petty mortal.
Shit dude! There's a new Swag_Theo video out! This is totally epic!
by P. Ennis March 01, 2019

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