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The phrase that welcomes you in the world of hentai.
Sora: Onii-chan daisuki! Be with me forever, onegai?
Haru: Ahhh Sora, that's incest.
by Vagini May 17, 2018

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A beast of a mother fucker who is English, also see (legend) and (mad cunt)
Look at that pomdiddly
by NU77A August 24, 2016

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A big dick that it used for sucking
Michael stuck his slong long in joe
via giphy
by Cocksucker300 January 17, 2018

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Like 'they're' it's just used to confuse people
They'ne are retarded
by Pastafarian Stan January 29, 2018

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When your English response to question 4 is like 2 lines
Oh, cripes I've run out of time!
by MagicalBacon May 06, 2018

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a word that can be used to replace take or steal
bob: a nigga lemme swoonhongle you girl
dylan: *dies*
by ThatNiggaWack August 10, 2018

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A polite or sarcastic English term for either speaking of, or performing something outrageously asinine or mad.
That was a very brave proposal.
Translation: You are insane.
by Iggums May 08, 2018

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