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a bussy bob is a song you just feel the need to dance your heart out to, the term is mostly used by repressed emos
frank watching emo crack and uma Thurman starts playing: YES WHAT A BUSSY BOB I CANT HELP BUT BOB MY MOST SUCCULENT BUSSY
by REPRESED EMO December 15, 2017

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A single sound that makes all the emos and goths burst into tears, including myself.
"i heard the g-note...... im sobbing"
by AzxyOOF January 01, 2019

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a word emo people use/ edgy teens

commonly used currently as a phrase used to show affection
babe.. let me see you twerkk xDD -rawr-

umm okkeez :3 -dinosaur noise-

while twerking, she exclaims rawr xd
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by evan vdl May 04, 2018

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A girl/boy (preferably emo) wearing long sleeves to cover self harm cuts or scars.
Look at her and her long sleeves.
by Yexcbjiom April 22, 2018

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Teenage boys/girls who listen to soft rock yet emotional/confessional lyrics .They usually wear tight jeans black t-shirts (commonly band t shirts) itchy scarf Hair is covering 3/5 of their faces sometime they have "GuyLiners" in their eye brows . They also wear converse shoes usually blue & white Black & and white red & and white converse shoes. Some bands they listen to is My Chemical Romance (my fav band ) , Taking Back Sunday , All American Rejects , Sum41 , Fall out Boy , Papa Roach etc. ~~From A Real emo Kid
remember kevin , yeah he is now emo or something.
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by ThatEmoKidOnDaInternet112 October 13, 2017

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It can mean a lot of different things as you can see. My definition of "Emo" is someone who is Emotional. What i mean by this is one person (guy or girl) being overly emotional over one thing. It can be overly happy or overly mad and the most common one is overly sad. I must add that not all Emo's cut! In fact this is commonly confused with depression or suicidal thoughts. Some may because its the stereo type or because they have depression but also act this way. In fact Emo has become confused by so many things.
That girl/guy is overly emo about getting an A on the test.

The women was emo when her husband was put in jail for a crime he didnt commit.

I was emo over a break up.
by Tea-cup September 27, 2017

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