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When a man ejaculates, and decides within the next 3 minutes to embark onto another journey of pleasure to ejaculate again.
Oof! That was great! Time for round 2!
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by SithLordTrevor August 06, 2018

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When a male hasn't masturbated in a long time so when he does there is a very large amount of semen
I haven't masturbated in a month there might be a white eruption soon
by Matts a mud cracker November 28, 2016

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when a man cums and it is comparable to a volcanic eruption, an earthquake, or a nuclear explosion
His ejecta was so intense she couldn’t catch it all in her mouth.
by fangirllllllllll May 07, 2018

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Another word for ejaculation
Hannah: I watched 50 Shades of Gray last night.

Beatrice: Oh I bet you lost your lunch... That movie is very steamy.
by Daddiesmilk January 01, 2017

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