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When you Get Cum all over your nose and mouth and I have to breath through the Cum for Oxygen
When Ryan Leahy ejaculated on the student the student used the snorkeling semen method to breath through the cum
by Connor Barth December 02, 2017

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When you fold your foreskin over a females nostrils and ejaculate into her nose
I have her a Delaware foldover while she was passed out on the couch.
by Scalesmister October 17, 2017

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When a person pictures a man in leather to ejaculate successfully.
John: So you don't masturbate?
Ernesto: Nope. I like Jimming to music from Top Gun.
by Unilla5 July 10, 2017

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cum or the viscous liquid released when ejaculating
oh my god his man chum was all over the place.
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by urgettininfoo February 28, 2018

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When a man ejaculates a plethora of semen on or inside something or someone.
Yeah, Billy is nasty he eblasted all over that girl's face after the party.

Bro I think I should just eblast all in her .
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by Blvckgvd August 17, 2017

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