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Since is not a real word, use it when you have nothing to say but don't want the awkward silence
"When are you giving back the 2 million you own me?"
by sweet_tea_addict June 03, 2018

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Personal Nerd is a combination of tutor and personal assistant. It is a recent and rapidly growing addition to shadow education. Personal Nerds provide supplementary assistance outside of mainstream education system. Unlike tutors that are provided for a student wants to study at home or is struggling in a subject, Personal Nerds are hired to assist in managing workload, check completed works and give feedback to facilitate quick and efficient learning.
My Personal Nerd taking care of my college workload
by edu.bot March 27, 2017

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A person who cannot teach
Nworb couldn’t explain what he was doing to the class and was making a fool of himself
by thanospowerstone April 30, 2019

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It's a species of lobster native to Fitzroy, Australia.
It's hard on the outside, soft on the inside... and oh so tasty!
Edrolo goes well with butter chicken, coffee and fruit.

by NACNUD June 10, 2018

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