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Someone, especially posting on the internet, who uses shocking and nihilistic speech and opinions that they themselves may or may not actually believe to gain attention and come across as a more dangerous and unique person. Most Edgelords are teenagers trying to seem overly cool and/or over-casually apathetic.
"The human race is a blight upon the world, what's wrong with all you people? Honestly I'm just waiting for the next plague to happen," -Johnny Edge

" Oh shut the hell up you whiny edgelord" -Johnny Everyone
by MontethePython7 February 25, 2017

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This odd furry is the creator of infinite yield, a skidded roblox hacker menu for hackers who hack roblox. Accept this definition so more people know about this disgusting furry.
Edge#2928 is the ugliest thing I've ever seen
by big fat man big fat September 27, 2018

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