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All the kinds of malfunctions in someone's life. Usually in a depressed life this word goes for all the failures she or him have experienced
Bitch you got me fucked up if you gon think im let you kill yourself you got the malfunctionation
by Malfunctionation March 03, 2018

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Dummy, idiot, jackass.
Pendejo, please!
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by BabydollDame22 January 03, 2017

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Dummy spitting baby.
Look at this here . Anderson just did a Dario. Tttshhhhhh
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by AB INDUSTRY January 16, 2018

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Dummy. A phrase made popular by the demon-slaying love child of Beatrix Kiddo and Taylor Swift. Later made popular by Ruby from Supernatural.
'' It's called being a normal teenager, short bus. Boys are a part of it.'' -The Demon-Slaying Love Child of Taylor Swift and Beatrix Kiddo
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by BabydollDame22 December 24, 2016

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A dumb annoying girl
I hate alashia she is so dumb and annoying
by Superdupercowmegamoose December 12, 2016

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a stupid duck
Nancy is such a dumb duck!
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by Your_pseudonym_1 August 15, 2018

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A loox is most commonly referred to a person who requires step-by-step assistance in simple tasks; commonly a student.
Teacher ,"Please fill in the test bubbles completely and thourghly."

Loox," How dark do you want us to fill the bubbles?"
by Wizurd Titus February 21, 2018

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