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a dumbass or someone who does stupid shit; Originates from FaZe Tfue’s gameplay against shit players but it became a mainstream term.
You are a fucking bot, bruh!
by thegoon1016 October 27, 2018

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When your teacher, friend, brother or sister or parent is being stupid, and you can't say that to their face, and you say this
"You deumdass, sayin 9+10 is 21"
by AAAAAA57 April 24, 2019

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by xxmanxx October 31, 2018

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A guy who thinks you're out to get him and calls the police over everything soft as fuck
James: mom I'm gonna stop by and give you a free bbq
Mom: okay but I wouldn't
Shane: omg omg omg he's gonna kill me mommy help I'm crazy the bbq has a bomb I know it omg omg omg help police help
Police officer : yeah you're fucked bye!
by Mr tranny on a mission June 10, 2018

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If you spelt Connecticut this way you are a fucking retard nice job m8
You: I just went to coneticut

friend: you have autism
by nhgjwgus April 12, 2017

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Someone that does not exist they have a small penis but can put it to use and always are chubby.
Markeith I love your chubby gay fatness.
by Skilld Dued July 16, 2017

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Sahil a person who is a retarded amli. He has a brother named sahib. sahib is ugly shit. They both gay af
They gayest person on the planet is sahil aka saikal.
by titussw5 May 15, 2017

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