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A complete dumbass with no common sense. No level of learning instruction or education will improve the intelligence of a rectal thinker.
My boss is a rectal thinker.
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by A. M. Wood March 09, 2017
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That one youtuber who makes shitty content, has a shitty upload schedule, changes alot but uses professional programs ;-;
Guy: Wow look at all this shitty content!
Guy 2: That's a LeTrollz
by LeTrollz April 25, 2017
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a very stupid individual.
you're an edmund.
by drii.xo August 01, 2016
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Something Obama called "change"
Obama believes in socialism.
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by pill cosby January 06, 2017
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That moment when you realize that you want to eat a dick and you actually like it.
Oh, I just did a Cusieque last night.
by Meme Bigboy November 20, 2017
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Usually slow, hard-headed, and a complete dumbass. he claims to be 6-3, but in all reality he is short as FUCK. (Has a tiny penis and likes to smack peoples ass)
Hes a dumbass, thats a jahzier.
by Jamessucksjahzier'sdong01 November 02, 2017
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If you spelt Connecticut this way you are a fucking retard nice job m8
You: I just went to coneticut

friend: you have autism
by nhgjwgus April 12, 2017
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