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That one youtuber who makes shitty content, has a shitty upload schedule, changes alot but uses professional programs ;-;
Guy: Wow look at all this shitty content!
Guy 2: That's a LeTrollz
by LeTrollz April 25, 2017

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A guy who thinks you're out to get him and calls the police over everything soft as fuck
James: mom I'm gonna stop by and give you a free bbq
Mom: okay but I wouldn't
Shane: omg omg omg he's gonna kill me mommy help I'm crazy the bbq has a bomb I know it omg omg omg help police help
Police officer : yeah you're fucked bye!
by Mr tranny on a mission June 10, 2018

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Usually slow, hard-headed, and a complete dumbass. he claims to be 6-3, but in all reality he is short as FUCK. (Has a tiny penis and likes to smack peoples ass)
Hes a dumbass, thats a jahzier.
by Jamessucksjahzier'sdong01 November 02, 2017

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Something Obama called "change"
Obama believes in socialism.
via giphy
by pill cosby January 06, 2017

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I don't know
You: wats 1+1
Your dumb ass friend: I don't know
by I don't know 666 February 23, 2018

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An absolute fuckhead who loves cocaine and slurpee's. Has a fucked Canadian girlfriend, he is dumb as fuck and loves watching porn in the later hours of the day
That guy is such a josh middendorp
by Fuck me dead already February 14, 2018

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A twat that wants alot of attention & people to pity her, so she makes up lies that every man she talks to tries to proposition her for sexual favors. Also known for making up lies about every possible thing, from being a: porn star, stripper, caregiver, chef, blogger for Huffington Post and a million other professionals, being robbed & having her property damaged to also having cancer- Yes, that's right, even lies about Cancer! The only thing truthful would be that she would suck any cock given the chance, for some meth to put in her glass dick- Which she keeps hidden in her vagina, hence the name "Shallow Twat"
That shallow twat kept telling story after story, only to play the victim when she got caught up in her lies.
by Gabe's Cakes July 14, 2017

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