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Someone who is being very dumb and stupid.
Omg you’re such a spacca!
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by lanamel March 20, 2018

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A group of individuals make a Dumgreement on a very stupid plan or decision. Whoever is in charge convinces others it is a good idea. Blindly following the genius who thought of the idea even though it is stupid, a moron mob forms and carries out his plan. The plan backfires, unforeseen repercussions piss a lot of people off and the moron mob makes another dumgreement and decide the best thing to do is deny involvement and lie about everything.

If you make a Dumbgreement before thinking it through bad things will happen, be prepared to cover up your stupid plan.
Don't make Dumbgreements, The Nazis made a Dumbgreement and look what happened,
by BaconMastert September 20, 2016

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An idiot who comes from France and tries to act cool, but sounds like an idiot because of his laugh. He greases up his hair to try and look good in front of his crush, but she hates him with all of her heart. Gets really triggered when bad pictures are taken of him, and will try to break your phone in half. Also brags about his 1812 blackberry that can play YouTube videos.
Look at that idiot, he must be Alexi.
by Alexihater123 May 08, 2018

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Almost like "twss" but twsd means "that was so dumb"
Someone:2+2=9 right?
Me: twsd......
by Mackenzie menoro August 30, 2016

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Why are you searching look? Go outside! What the hell are you doing on here?! Why would you waste your life searching for look? Y’all dumb. Go play Xbox or somethin damn
Guy 1: Dude lets search for the word “look” on urban dictionary!
Guy 2: You don’t get outside enough. Stop doing dumb shit and get laid you fuckin virgin
Guy 1: ....would you rather search for boobs?
by I’m a real dickhead May 02, 2018

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The most fucking retarded person you'll ever meet. Her dumbness will make your head cramp and give you a mental breakdown. If you ever hear Ryma Talking you should punch her in the mouth and run away.

by U KNOW WHO THO March 24, 2019

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Josh Jones saying that he's smart. Hence dumb fuck
by theepineapple32 April 14, 2019

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