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Something one of my friends kept saying in french class because she couldn't say "je ne sais pas". (meaning: "i don't know")
Me: hey man, whats the square root of 787?

Friend: uhh, je pas je sais
by jeebus7 November 10, 2018

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An idiot who comes from France and tries to act cool, but sounds like an idiot because of his laugh. He greases up his hair to try and look good in front of his crush, but she hates him with all of her heart. Gets really triggered when bad pictures are taken of him, and will try to break your phone in half. Also brags about his 1812 blackberry that can play YouTube videos.
Look at that idiot, he must be Alexi.
by Alexihater123 May 08, 2018

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Almost like "twss" but twsd means "that was so dumb"
Someone:2+2=9 right?
Me: twsd......
by Mackenzie menoro August 30, 2016

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Teegan is a girls name that dumb guys use in case they are homosexual. Most guy teegans that use this name are very stupid and need to be taught how to act.
Teegan is the dumbest name I've ever heard of and It's not even spelled right.
by jkdskjsdlkfaskdljfadf February 10, 2018

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1. Literally the dumbest person possible.

2.doing something extremely dumb
That guy is such a Chase.
You really Chased that one up.
by Ctre$& October 07, 2016

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a german man that is scared of big black people wants to kill everyone rape evryone laugh at gays is scared if holes eats too much cheese is a dumb nerd stripper
U r a gershy levy
by 4fingers4life January 28, 2019

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A self-absorbed person who thinks she's the best...but she's not.
Bonisha said, " I love this picture of me. I look better than everyone. "
by Mexico ❤ January 04, 2018

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