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A dude that is a dude.
Hey look at that wizzle dizzle, what a dude.
by Boi12345666777 January 15, 2017

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a hole that you put a pickle into
Dude did you see that picklehole at the party last night
by *XD*RAWR December 05, 2017

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A Word In Replace Of Dude Usually Given To A Close Male Friend
"Sup Dudley" Said Reese "Sup Broseph" Said Michael
by Tokyo_Assassin November 13, 2016

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A "dude" means nice guy, A "dude" means regular sorta person.
"You must be uh, some important dude, man. Like you know, to get that treatment."
by xepicxmonkeyx December 26, 2018

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Short for “What’s up?”
“Sup dude ?”
“Not much.”
by A3blue May 13, 2018

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A giant glob of snot that comes shooting really fast out of a persons nose
“Hey dude did you see Michael’s snotrocket yesterday?” “Yes man that was the biggest ball of snot I’ve ever seen!”
by Maxwell abudalas May 19, 2018

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A really shitty fucking cigarette.

Derives from the Canadian slang word "bogie" and the proper word "cigarette"
Laurence: Hey wanna toss me one of ya cibogies?

Tasha: Dude I'll give you ONE more if you can figure out how to open the fucking carton without fucking ripping it like last time. No more after that though. These cibogies are cheap and gross.
by BVMBL3B33 December 14, 2017

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