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Secci Russian, German, and white duck boy with lil dicc, unfortunately he is gay .
Dude, there goes another Weston Koury.
by Duck you mother ducker April 22, 2017

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Can be used instead of avoid. To duck someone/somethings means to stay away from; steer clear of.
"Yo, stop ducking me"

person 1: "you going to work today"
person 2: "i'm on the schedule but i'm tryna duck that"
by pearadox May 16, 2018

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You should've learned what it was in kindergarten stupid. It's one of those birds, but it doesn't have a cool nickname that makes us 5 year-olds giggle like chickens do (cock). Drake got his name from the name for guy ducks because his rapping/singing-ish sounds like a ducks irritating quack. You feel me, bro?
"I just saw a duck in a pond," exclaimed Tired Timmy.
"Great for you," said Jolly John.
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by Where the frogs February 26, 2017

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Not backing down from anyone or anything intimidating
That foo big but I ain't ducking wreck
by LilO974 July 24, 2017

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