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A level of drunkenness characterized by a total lapse of lucidity, a lack of logical thinking, and a tendency to post meaningless philosophical dribble to one's story. From least to greatest, the scale of drunkenness goes: Buzzed, Tipsy, Drunk, Wasted, Alexed.
Did you see Kom during the Trail of Tears? That man got Alexed before 4:00 P.M.!
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by YaBoySquare May 19, 2017
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Drunk navigation is the built in GPS that kicks in when your done done at the club, and both you and your phone are dead.
dude: how did you get home last night? i tried to call you but i only got to voicemail

dude #2: yeah man, phone died, had to use my drunk navigation
by SmokinHotGinger October 07, 2016
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A drunk friend after midnight. You don't feed them.
Don't tell drunk John where the pantry is. Last week, that Gremlin ate all my fuckin pop tarts! Fuck that guy
by This-is--drew February 17, 2017
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When some dude or girl that's drunk out of their mind but like ya don't want to use the word drunk so like you just day shplonkered
Jules: Hey why is your mom acting so weird

Kate: oh she had too much to drink, she's shplonkered
by Peanutbutter and Baking Soda December 15, 2017
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A term used as a reference to getting very drunk.
Hey David you swampin tonight?
by Swampin November 06, 2017
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FGB is short for Finna Get Blind; it's when you're so drunk you get temporarily blind.
Let's go out tonight; I'm FGB.
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by fynagetblind August 30, 2017
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to drink too much beer and get in Twitter fight with a local bar owner
Tonight Scott had a few too many brewskis and eschmann'ed the Black Rose bartender
by Frankie Esch. May 07, 2017
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