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Being completely shit faced to the point where you don't remember anything thats happened and having to get carried back home.
Josh: "Bro, last night was amazing, I was completely wasted"
Brody: "Na bro, you were way past that, you literally vanessad"
by SaugaMan99 September 18, 2018

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Drunk navigation is the built in GPS that kicks in when your done done at the club, and both you and your phone are dead.
dude: how did you get home last night? i tried to call you but i only got to voicemail

dude #2: yeah man, phone died, had to use my drunk navigation
by SmokinHotGinger October 07, 2016

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Getting drunk, or the act of drunkenness
Tyler was so schmacked last night that his teeth hurt. PBA I'm schmacked! Let's get schmaked
by Dawgman1 April 21, 2017

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Getting absolutely plastered to the point you forgot what you said the night before.
Man I'm so wonged right now, don't let me drink any more.
by Xx_wo_e November 30, 2018

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FGB is short for Finna Get Blind; it's when you're so drunk you get temporarily blind.
Let's go out tonight; I'm FGB.
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by fynagetblind August 30, 2017

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"Hardtata" a word to define a party full of drunk people no one knows offten used to ask why someone is at a hardtata.
EX: why am I at a hardtata playing poker at 4 am. Ex 2: that was one hell of a hardtata I don't remember much of it did you know anyone there?
by James offhand smitty June 25, 2018

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When some dude or girl that's drunk out of their mind but like ya don't want to use the word drunk so like you just day shplonkered
Jules: Hey why is your mom acting so weird

Kate: oh she had too much to drink, she's shplonkered
by Peanutbutter and Baking Soda December 15, 2017

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