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Crack cocain
You want some og dust tomorrow
by OG KUSH101 January 27, 2017
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Heroin, fentanyl, shrooms, lsd, Molly, and cocaine all at the same time
Yo bro wanna tar flip with me?

Naw man I don’t want to die today maybe tmrw
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by BigShlongWong December 15, 2017
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Some kind of drug that The Boss Ricky Ross mentions in the song Maybach Music 2.

“Sellin’ reefer, even Gregory I’m on my dinner...”
That Gregory got me twisted yo.
by Lazarusrevives October 29, 2017
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High on crack
lets get crunk.
by BlazeBoss3412 September 23, 2017
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A combination of all the drugs known to man combined into a wrap.
Johnny just ate a tripper snipper and he is already tripping balls.
by kkkheilhitlerdidnothingwrong September 13, 2017
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A term used to describe when a medial treatment is too expensive for a patient. It draws a parallel to chemical toxicity, a condition where the medications' side effects outweigh the benefits.
Patient: I cannot afford the $35,000 a dose cancer medication anymore.
Dr. Wilson: You are facing a condition know as financial toxicity
by theguyfromtheinternet October 07, 2016
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Jim: You got the cheese, Tony?
Tony: Yeah let's bring it back to the crib.
by Imnotgayjustmisunderstood August 11, 2016
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