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Where fags skip class and the teachers are ass
Nobody wants to go to west middle school
by Juicygoose69 October 14, 2018

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A word to describe something crazy someone says while high.
Dude 1: “yo. I wanna like. Go to the sun”
Dude 2: “Shut up that’s baccus”
by Sam The Holy Ham January 20, 2019

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Slang when talking to another person,for either you are,or ready to get bad fucked up off your drug of choice.
Say dawg,I got that bow ya back double pack...
You ready to go hide out an get tuned back???
by F.L.A.W. EN July 11, 2016

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I am snorting midis
you put a Midi in your mouth and smoke it
by Eric Weitzner June 09, 2018

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youngstown is a ghetto in ohio where it’s young and reckless mfs, drugs and murder you gotta be tough in youngstown
person a “you heard jay got killed over on the north side”

person b “ of youngstown”
person a “where else?”
by lilbihhh July 25, 2017

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Stands for Bring Your Own Heroin. Opioid addicts who want to go all out illegal or are desperate would say this.
She’s an addicted skank, BYOH!
by Xbbbsss February 18, 2019

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(Noun) A mispronounciation of the pain killer “opioids”. Typically spoken by old Italian men who struggle to pronounce commonly spoken words.
I caaahnt sleep, I should ask the doctor for some olpyoids.
by italianmen October 20, 2018

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