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A street/club drug popular in Cali and the bay.
Black Chocolate, man. I'm high as shit.
by lathegoat May 20, 2017

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A Percocet is a prescription drug that people take, sometimes, as a substitute heroin or morphine, when taken in large quantities. It is often referenced in rap songs, along with the abundance of other drugs. The drug itself is a combination of (the opioid) oxycodone and (the mild pain and fever reliever) acetaminophen. The reason it is budget and/or not illegal heroin or morphine is because when taken in large doses it can cause feelings of euphoria/heightened pleasure and/or feeling(s) of calm and/or relaxation.

But, don’t take it if you think it is all safe as it is not.
An example of percocet used in rap is in The rapper lil skies’ song: ‘Fake’.
by CyroNub December 02, 2018

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A drug deal
"Yeah I just got dapped up by Tony"
"Oh that's sick bro. You got enough to share?"
by jkittle March 28, 2019

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Another name for MDMA or Ecstasy
Hey man, do you have some Molly I could buy.
Hi I'm Molly; and I just took a Stephanie
by himynameisyou April 13, 2018

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