Top Definition
"Dripmas" is a derivative of the word "drip."

Dripmas is acquired when one flexes in all the Christmas gifts they got, and stunt on everybody because they have money.

Dripmas can also happen when one flexes how good they look at their Christmas party.
Person 1: Man, did you see cousin Tom, he's really out here defining Dripmas!

Person 2: Yeah bro, Dripmas is forreal when he comes around.
by Tisso2001 December 26, 2018

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A person who has the waviest waves.
wavy Jordan's waves looking hella fresh cuuuzzzz
via giphy
by krakhead chikle April 02, 2019

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Having drip is having you own Style and your own flow and being cool while doing it.
I am facet falure my nigga I got drip
by Cheese chaser January 23, 2019

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Nick is the true and only drip god
I got on my knees for nick the drip god
by Drip god nick December 12, 2018

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