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When you wake up after a night of drinking and have to peel dried vomit off your face.
I had a late night on Himmarshee and woke up with a Fort Lauderdale Facial
by Rossasaurus Rex January 01, 2018

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When Corey has had so much whiskey that he’s even softer than normal and only Tay can get him hard.
Man, I drank so much last night I nearly got that Whiskey dick (Corey style)!
by Bishdus1 April 02, 2018

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When you drink to protect yourself from the what comes out of the mouths of those around you.
There will be a lot of hard hat drinking over the 2016 holidays
by BibbsBibbs December 03, 2016

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To be so far drunk you have forgotten where you started and continue to drink as if the night was young.
Man, you were way past drunk last night, you were runkd.
by pswilde April 11, 2019

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When your on a night out, and you want to drink alcohol at a rapid rate. This term is usually used when intoxicated. This is a southern British thing.
'Hey, look Lauren is going to chug that beer!'

'i want to chug'
via giphy
by MicahAndMaya September 18, 2018

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