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Drew Johnson, normally a hot or sexy boy that is a flirt and is a chick magnet.
Man, I wish that Drew Johnson was mine!
by Anonymous kiddddddddd June 04, 2017

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A retard who can't say is name right he says dwew
Hi my name is Drew not dwew
by Coolkid1567 June 01, 2018

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A quite and shy person. Not a very popular or active kind of guy. Was very intelligent and is a straight A student.
“Oh hey Drew, what’s up?”
by Yousuxkandyousukx July 31, 2018

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This is a guy who is retarded, he is known throughout the school as someone who wants attention and gets it by being retarded and being a extra.

He says he is smart but he will always do something stupid and forget it.

for example: punching a girl, using actual wood on a project where you use Popsicle sticks etc.

And he always goes for a girl who obviously doesn't like him and acts weird around her.

to anyone who knows a drew beware and stay alert.
"Holy shit, drew just punched a girl!!!!"
by Wacky Raider May 29, 2018

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