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Discharged douche mixture. The hallmark of a French Brine is the douche liquid is administered into the vagina then held. Rather than eliminating the douche into the toilet or shower drain, the douche nozzle is reinserted and the juice is siphoned back into the bottle.
Carla let me French Brine her last night.
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by Ben Dribblin March 02, 2017

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To act a fool without reason.
Someone called Adamo fat and he delgado'd
by Franciscomeatsticks January 28, 2017

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Tyrell's are the ones that leave you for no reason. When y'all would date things would be perfect until he gets bored and want's to breakup. Dont ever fall in love with one. You'll end up hurt.
"Tyrell broke up with me"
by Lil.monkey1103 September 23, 2017

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A true faggot who thinks he is the shit but could get slumped by a 3 year old female infant. Marcos tend to have no friends and wear some sort of cargo pants or shorts every day. Marcos also tend to have mental problems and are often taken advantage of for their true softness. Finally Marcos are pretty much summed up as the weirdo in class.
Marco is such a pussy I wanna punch his face cause it pisses me off.
by FAPPYFAM March 03, 2017

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The nickname given to a person, usually small and weak, yet a douchebag to anyone for no reason.
"Oh no, here comes martindale!"
by robbierottenthelegend27 January 05, 2017

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Douche’s that fushe.
“Hey Aiden, quit being a douchefushe!”
by ArrowFan June 08, 2018

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A douche is most often a male that is either up themselves, arrogant or snobby. A slang word for this is 'Caedan'
Jasmine: "Ugh, he's such a Caedan.."
Rachel: "yeah he's so cocky, what a Caedan"

Jasmine: "douche psht"
by rachie.nodle November 13, 2017

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