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Someone who is very rich and successful, but not very talented. You suspect they arrived at their fortune through ill-gotten gains.
"How does THAT guy have a lambo? What a dopester."
by Captn American December 20, 2018

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type of kid who is always is ignored, annoyed, but still tries to keep happy even though everyone is shit to him and don't appreciate to have a friend like him.
lyobis is cool
by lyobis July 18, 2017

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Dope. Straight up cool. A positive vibe.
Das straight cake, yo!
by CTyankee July 18, 2017

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Bristol Prep

A school full of straight fucking savages, potheads.. And occasionally..... a green pussy. Drama is everyday; and every one of the teaches breath smells like butt, and they have a stick up their ass 24/7.

Bristol Prep is fucking lit man
Bristol Preparatory Academy is dope
by FatBoooootyHoes November 09, 2017

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Awesome boy from Canada very cute and nice great at sports like hockey basketball and baseball
Chase branzell is really good at hockey and baseball
by Really dope July 05, 2017

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1. Term used when talking about meth
2.Slang word "dope"
Dude where's the dango at?
by BLiSSmE10 November 29, 2016

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What you would say if someone is talking about a stupid problem they have and you want to mock them
Allison: “My dad got me a red Gwagon but I wanted a black one”
Sam: “Awh diddums, poor you”
by coconut scones❤️ February 19, 2019

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