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Someone who is very rich and successful, but not very talented. You suspect they arrived at their fortune through ill-gotten gains.
"How does THAT guy have a lambo? What a dopester."
by Captn American December 20, 2018

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type of kid who is always is ignored, annoyed, but still tries to keep happy even though everyone is shit to him and don't appreciate to have a friend like him.
lyobis is cool
by lyobis July 18, 2017

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Dope. Straight up cool. A positive vibe.
Das straight cake, yo!
by CTyankee July 18, 2017

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Bristol Prep

A school full of straight fucking savages, potheads.. And occasionally..... a green pussy. Drama is everyday; and every one of the teaches breath smells like butt, and they have a stick up their ass 24/7.

Bristol Prep is fucking lit man
Bristol Preparatory Academy is dope
by FatBoooootyHoes November 09, 2017

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1. Term used when talking about meth
2.Slang word "dope"
Dude where's the dango at?
by BLiSSmE10 November 29, 2016

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When your looking everywhere because you ran out of dope
Man, I’m so lackadopatosous
by Betrayed Wife May 29, 2019

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What you would say if someone is talking about a stupid problem they have and you want to mock them
Allison: “My dad got me a red Gwagon but I wanted a black one”
Sam: “Awh diddums, poor you”
by coconut scones❤️ February 19, 2019

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