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Gay ass boy
Donovan is gay
by SPLASHERINO February 26, 2019

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Usually an egotistical, attention seeking hippie that looks strangely like a baby ir goron from legend of zelda. He probably thinks hes way cooler or smarter than he is and tries to act so, however it just makes him look pathetic.

Common phrases:

"why is everyone looking at me!?"- he will shout this in large crowds to get attention, despite no one looking at him.

Someone who is not donovan: hey i was thinking about getting a new watch.
Donovan: so i suppose you dont want anything as glamourous as mine?
Hey whos that guy who looks like a baby trying to act so hard? He looks like a goron.

Oh thats just donovan
by Retarded_Sloth May 05, 2018

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