Top Definition
A sexting architect.
Johnny sat down, pulled out his phone, took a picture of his dong , and began archisexting. He liked golfing with the guys, but not as much as much as he liked the thought of Lloyd Wright's stained glass and pussy.
by KRmd November 16, 2017

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a straight man who is more desired by men than women
John Stamos is such a dong magnet
by whoisgary November 14, 2016

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A guy that has a giant dong.
"You sure are a lady magnet!"
"Yeah, what did you expect, I'm a Leo"
by D0ng May 02, 2018

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Slang for a big dong

So big you say dang instead of dong
Girl- Wow he’s got the biggest dang I ever seen
by 1+4+2 March 09, 2018

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