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Fun Slow Artistic Cool Different lat He doesn't give a shit what most people say..
Caiden i always knew who hated that bitch
by crialfishbitch March 01, 2018

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The absolute brink of existing. May be used to describe a feeling of being on the edge of ones seat, or for someone who has had enough.
“Dude, this science final has me on the kusp”
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by Peanut2019 November 23, 2017

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a person that is gay and a hoe that rakes up the farm and shovels cow poop with his mouth and face and uses the shovel to scrape it off
done izzet
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by codytheway January 26, 2018

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I was so fucking Done So I came here and found someone like me.
I'm Done
by Alireza0000 June 13, 2018

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