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Donavan is a tall, pale female.
At first meet, she is quiet, calm and unsure of everyone.
As you begin too know a bit more about her, she is kind, caring and can be awfully quiet.
The reason for this is because she is like an animal
She is very unsure if she should approach at first meet.
But of course, when you warm up too her she warms up too you as well and allows herself too approach and open up.
Donavan is like an animal, she can be protective and is able to have a hunting sense.
Guy: Hey, did you see that girl? She was like an animal!
Guy 2: You mean she was like Donavan?
Guy:No! She was like an animal!

Guy 2: The name for her is Donavan, if she acts like an animal.
by IronWarriors September 03, 2016

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