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She is a fucking sexy beast.
Dont ever think that she'd leave you, because she's stuck to you like glue.
Also, if anyone fucks with you, she'll beat the shit outta them.
She also might be ginger, if she is, call her a ginger ninja (or a cheese puff).
she is not a slu* but they do love their men and if you dont shut doors properly they get angry.
hollys generally are incredibaly clumsy as they walk in to doors and trip over air ect,
although she is very loyal with her friends she can ditch you in town for a man anyday.
their are stereotyped to a size of A-C34.
they are quite the social butterfly if you mess with her friends or family you will/would regret it.
their favorite fruit is pinnapple.

they are sexy goddesses with some thick curves and assets.
they are very funny,kind and trustworthy.
you wouldn't want to be their enemy.
hollys love sausages.
holly loves her bedroom time oooohhhhhhhh
holly wheres your gym kit
mum holly broke your phone
by liv-the-lover123 June 07, 2018

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