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Pit bull. Portmanteau of "nigger" and "pitt bull".
I think nigbulls should be banned.
by spidersonthemoon March 07, 2018

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A flap of chubby underneath a dog's neck that flaps when you touch it or the dog moves. Can also be used as a name for a chubby dog.
My dog's chubawuffa moves when he eats.
My dog is a chubawuffa.
by EpicEric26 June 03, 2018

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A really cute dog. Basically any dog since all dogs are cute:-)can also be used to describe other animals and babies up until a certain age when it becomes weird
“AwHshdhdhdj your dog is such a poopus”
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by LiveCrabs December 23, 2018

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A chubby doggy. Can also be used as 'chubby bubby'
My dog Wilma is a chubby bubby.
by EpicEric26 June 03, 2018

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Dead lol
Stephen Hawking has aids lol.
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by Absolute Baboon June 05, 2018

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A perfect person or irreplaceable friend
She was a dog to me, a corgi. Brilliant, charming, forgiving and fluffy
by Expertdoghandler46 September 08, 2016

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A named for a dog who is way to spoiled and treat better than most humans. Also cute and adorable but still annoying.
My dog Siris love eating fresh ice from the freezer.
by Yyakeec May 15, 2018

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