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Pit bull. Portmanteau of "nigger" and "pitt bull".
I think nigbulls should be banned.
by spidersonthemoon March 07, 2018

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A flap of chubby underneath a dog's neck that flaps when you touch it or the dog moves. Can also be used as a name for a chubby dog.
My dog's chubawuffa moves when he eats.
My dog is a chubawuffa.
by EpicEric26 June 03, 2018

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A condition when dogs goes all crazy, and goes jumping every where, such as being a Pogo stick
My dog has a very rare disease of Doggopogo he is jumping every where!
by DoggoPogo January 25, 2019

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A chubby doggy. Can also be used as 'chubby bubby'
My dog Wilma is a chubby bubby.
by EpicEric26 June 03, 2018

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A perfect person or irreplaceable friend
She was a dog to me, a corgi. Brilliant, charming, forgiving and fluffy
by Expertdoghandler46 September 08, 2016

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A Disappointment.
Alex/Alexis couldn't help his friend record someone on his flim so now it looks incomplete.
by Reality TV January 23, 2019

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An act against ones peer that is so incredibly dog that it warrants severe repercussions. Similar to a coward punch but on a mate.
Can't believe he would punch him in the back of the head for no reason, thats a grigg hit.
by FuntIsCucked November 05, 2018

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