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A special kind of reach around lubricated with any bodily fluid (the solution) including, but not limited to, spit, snot, or fecal matter.
Jason: "Where is Matt?"
Ben: "I don't know, probably giving his buddy a solution reach."
by JoseValentino December 02, 2016

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Synonym of disgusting
You're so Mockz!
by henry9960 July 29, 2018

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This word means gross/yucky.
'That lumpy mustard coloured sweater Aunt Jill knitted for you last Christmas is so desgoostin'
by I am Queen Swassy September 05, 2017

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Some fat bitch who thinks she’s funny but not at all. She’s really ugly and is a fuck hoe. She’s flat and has blonde hair and is 20 years old and sucks small dick for a living
Omg ferrahs at school again
Omg I hope she doesn’t suck off mr lahey

She’s such a slut
by GetShitOnKid0284828 January 04, 2019

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Definition: When humans sit in a bath-tub for too long and the sweat and dirt changes the color of the water.
Wow, Jimmy. I can tell you stayed in the bath for too long. The water is black!

Jimmy: Yup! That’s my body broth.
by Rabbit-boles July 01, 2019

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Meaning really disgusting to the point of gagging
Wow lex and Alex look dibusting
by BarbieGutsz February 05, 2019

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