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the consumption of liquid with pharmaceutical drugs
Brock was sippin dirty while his parents where beating him.
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by BonerMaximus December 15, 2017

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A Swear word in Persian language.
Sokole palasht
by Mehdi ra August 16, 2018

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Dirty, just is!
Oi, she's raaty
by 295 May 12, 2017

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A person that loves to have 10 girls at a time. Usually a younger person, around middle school. Loves to get dirty and normally is about 10 inches.
Damn, he's a dirty Porter.
by corn on the scoob November 05, 2018

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When you go to have sex but forgot u shit your pants ,Then decide to roll with it
She just pulled a dirty carli
by Bob Robinson/youtube April 25, 2017

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When you have a small ride or die Friend the size of a hobbit child of which you smother in salt and insert into the anus as the small friend will be shouting and yelling when inserted it will provide a vibrating effect in order to reach maximum climax.
My midget friend was being nasty so I threw salt on her as a lubricant and inserted her into my anus and did a Tersia. She wasn't nasty after that again.
by The Midget lover October 10, 2017

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The most Dirty Gurl to ever exzist, often rolls around in dirt then asks for a fun time.
Girl you so a Dirty KT
by keool December 16, 2018

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