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While having a large dip of chewing tobacco in your lip allowing a friend or acquaintence to reach in and take some to fulfill their own chewing tobacco needs.
Hey man you mind if I get a baby bird dip out of the big ole chaw you have?
by Kingerchawl November 08, 2017

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Referring to chewing tobacco. When you go to put a good dip in, and some little peices fall on your shirt and pants. Thats the angels pinch.
Did you get any in your lip or was that all an angels pinch?
by ColtenF1989 September 16, 2017

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dip to dip you feel me nigga
"dip to dip you feel me nigga"
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by ijustlovedippingtbhlolmemes March 23, 2017

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When you place large amounts of chewing tobacco in your upper and bottom gums.
Gah damn petey lips is packin a hammer.
by Petey lips January 25, 2017

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A group of kids in a high school who think dipping is extremely cool. They think they do it secretly but everyone can see the bulge in their lip. They carry a bottle around and pretend it’s coke. They are stupid fucks who spit on the floor. Usually a guy named Gavin and Preston are on the dip squad and people talk about how good they can pack a can of dip and how much they can stuff in their mouths.
Hey look. Gavin has joined the dip squad.
by God Definer May 30, 2018

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When you say you’re going to leave someone and then don’t and then leave last minute.
Jim said he didn’t want to leave work early but he left anyway. He fucking double-dipped.
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by JuicyBean October 24, 2018

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Another word for dip/dipping
To go somewhere and leave as soon as you get there
Basically run
"okay man, just got to the party, get some food and skit"
by Kiwi1NOnly January 02, 2017

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