#dingle berry

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An individual, male or female, with a such a hirsute anal region that they sport a prolific dingleberry problem.
Roger is a berry farmer. He’s always digging and plucking them out.

Despite a weekly wax, Rachel’s hairy ass made her one hell of a berry farmer.
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by Eaton Holgoode May 04, 2018

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When you take a poop and a considerably large clump of feces gets entrapped in the hairs of the butthole and plug the hole for future use. If it is larger than a U.S. Half Dollar then it distinguishes itself from a normal "Dingleberry"
Bro, I was pooping last night and i got all clogged up cuz this fuckin thiccschmoobdingleberry plugged me like a cork!
by Thiccschoomdingleberry November 13, 2017

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The process which over several weeks you take no shower and save as many dingle berry's as humanly possible at the end of your journey you should not be able to spread your ass cheeks due to the shit that has created a wall that holds your ass together.
Once when I was a young man they had this challenge known as the "Ass Crack Supreme"
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by IVIrCoolGuy November 12, 2017

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