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To have two dicks inside your mouth at the same time.
Yo, she let me bring my friend along, lets just say, she did an Akimblow.
by Sex Slave Number 1 July 03, 2017

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A bag of uncircumcised Cocks. Like a stubborn DickBag but you can kick it and it will move.

Women also buy these for batchlorette party's
Person 1: What did you get heather for her party?
Person 2: a big DickBag!
Person 1: Shit! I got her the same thing!
by LoudSilence May 07, 2017

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Shibenation Is Made To Make You Worship The Doggos And Also Advertises Bepis
Have You Seen Shibenation?
by GenevaBeaver May 20, 2018

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a good boi
i just wanted to make an entry

dookieshed is a good boi
by w h y a m i h e r e May 04, 2018

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A schlibip is a word that can be associated with a word but it has nothing to actually do with the word.
i.e; A water schlibip (referenced to dick-sucking)
She gave him a big water schlibip.
by ChurinArts January 04, 2018

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A stupid black man with a fat ass babe and Carlo is a person who likes shoving dicks in his mouth and love sucking on women’s pussys and fucks himself to death and would be a great pornstar and lives raping young kids and also he’s a very fat Italian teenager
Carlo likes to shove dicks and pussy in his mouth
by Funman412 December 12, 2017

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the thing nightmares are made of. protect your kids as much as possible from the trump. it is an internet sensation, sweeping the nation.
Oh god, i made a donald trump duck, oh god, what have i created.
by tempuracatguy June 30, 2016

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