A two sided dick face that has sex with dogs .
That girl is annoying and smells like pussy , her name is prolly Tajha
by ButtCheakyscrub September 10, 2016

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He gotta big dick
Wow your such an Ethan
by EAC25 May 28, 2018

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When your dick gets caught in your fan. Seif-len-or-fen
Oh no, not a Siphlenorphen!
via giphy
by Cynicalolicon May 15, 2017

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The most annoying short person you can ever meet who is really bad at studies and is not handsome at all

the only good thing about him is he will always be a virgin because nobody likes him
You are a Idris type of person
by erik howell February 13, 2018

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your a dick dumbass
by faglad May 13, 2018

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Haley is a girl that’s really pretty and loves sexual intercourse and loves sucking dick and is very good at it too, and is very smart and can do anything if she’s up to it.
Wow Haley just suck his dick good !!!!!
by Cattii Linda October 16, 2017

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