An extremely small penis
Did you bring the microscope to see austins Dick?
by Austins dick December 28, 2016

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Guys thats love dick
Really gay people like Trevor Hodgiz loves dick
by Riley vire July 04, 2018

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A bitch who sat and farted on your dick and its fresh like a boat
I told jessica to let me put it in since she is wet and then she farted on my penis and it was freshly nasty, she left my penis fresh out the boat smelling like fish hitting my boat.
by Jauncena May 16, 2018

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The most annoying short person you can ever meet who is really bad at studies and is not handsome at all

the only good thing about him is he will always be a virgin because nobody likes him
You are a Idris type of person
by erik howell February 13, 2018

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huge dick, bigger than a plain that's why all the girls complain cuz they can't get jack. Gets all the girls. You'll be lucky to even touch him. only takes dem fresh ones with the massive tits and his balls hang on a shelves cuz they are too heavy.
Jack can't fuck you cuz his dick is too big.
by Dy1aen May 04, 2018

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Haley is a girl that’s really pretty and loves sexual intercourse and loves sucking dick and is very good at it too, and is very smart and can do anything if she’s up to it.
Wow Haley just suck his dick good !!!!!
by Cattii Linda October 16, 2017

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