Top Definition
Dick or penis.
That girl will suck your chule - That girl will suck your dick
Chulehead - Dickhead
Chulesucker - Dicksucker
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by SHARKHUB November 27, 2017

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some one with a big dick.
gucci belt on when im fucking my sister, she dont call me brother she me mr dicklister.
by daddykelvin January 24, 2019

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Really big dick, cock, or penis
Damn that guy has a monstrous cock. I can see it through his pants!🤤
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by Bigcocklover123 November 05, 2017

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A young stud with a darkened chocolate dick
Mattew is a mature yogurt
by Dickish April 06, 2017

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rawest at what he does

he have the worlds largest penis

big long and black cock
and a great rapper
"Girl you heard about tyrese"

"ya girl he spit some barz to me and had the best sex ever"
by biggest and the blackest June 18, 2018

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ma77 is a brown nose
by dustinthedark December 31, 2018

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This guy has a big dick and you should always try to get with him
Wow , thats nothing compared to a Christopher Kenneth Isley dick
by Thatguyyyyyyudontknow October 27, 2017

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