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Very watery stool. The result of bacterial gastroenteritis often coexisting with abdominal cramps, loss of appetite and vomiting.
"I think I ate something bad yesterday, I had a bad case of hasret this morning."
by 01 May 18, 2017

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poop ah ro nus

Another word for diarrhea

A monumental eruption in the bowel
I can't go to school today because I have pooparonus
by Skylander "G" January 26, 2017

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An extreme case of diarrhea, caused by the victim consuming protein-sugar based foods.
Whoa! after I went to Chubby's and had the double burger I came down with the gitterrhea!
by Uncle Mudbut June 06, 2018

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When your glogged bowels finally release in a biblical proportioned session of explosive diarrhea.
Milton exited the restroom in a pungent cloud of shit vapors after release of his clogarrhea.
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by Tugg N. Harder October 05, 2017

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Diarrhea (watery feces) in Tswana/Sotho
Chommi ke tswere ke maphyega (friend, Iv got diarrhea)
by Petori taal November 01, 2018

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When you Fart and Shit at the Same time
Phil got Nervous when he realized That the Fart was more than just a Fart. He Sharted
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by Anomynose November 30, 2017

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I had Taco Bell for dinner last night and I’ve been ass pissing ever since.
by StinkyMcgee November 19, 2017

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