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A fancy word for depression. Mostly used when one is in a Literature Club with cute anime girls.
"hOw yA fE3l1Ng t0D8Y?!" "Not so great..." "Y?!" "Because I'm Sayori'ed." "0."
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by Sayonikasukuri July 24, 2018

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The pussier version of depression
Daniel: Your sadness isn't as bad as mine
Craig: Shut up, you can't talk
by Lunchbox 92 July 18, 2017

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When you are half crippled. A level up from Crippling depression
"Yo man, my mom got tumbling depression cause there weren't any noodles at Walmart."
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by Random but not really November 30, 2017

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something that doesn't exist
a flying car is like my hope and dream......
by Dwyffgfddd September 11, 2018

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When you look in the mirror and no longer recognize yourself, you feel a black emptiness inside and have lost all interest in life. You feel a mind numbing pain that you've given up on treating and you make it through the day because its all you know how to do, antidepressants never worked, therapy was a joke and as you sit there in your run down apartment in the ghetto you think about all your failures that have steered you to this moment and you feel that black tar or depression suffocating you. You have stopped brushing your teeth and washing your hair, you eat just enough to survive, you're too afraid of death to kill yourself. You're empty. You know there is no one to blame but yourself, you know that if you really tried, maybe, just maybe you could fix things, just a bit, but you never will.
"He said he felt like a husk of a human"
by Giskard Reventlov April 15, 2018

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Like home stick but for someone named mike.
Guy1: dude, i hate seeing you like this whats wrong?
Guy2: because im mikesick alax.
by Latzes August 18, 2018

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друг is the Russian word for friend
"Do you love me?"

"No I only see you as друг."
by my penis itches June 10, 2018

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