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When a friend of yours says shit that makes everyone else depressed.
Jen looked up "you know,today last year,my mom had a miscarriage" Jake grunted depression dealer

Sadly enough usually I'm this person,I'm messed up lol.
I'm a depression dealer
by andyMessdefine. August 20, 2017

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Down the road, not across the street is slang for people who cut themselves. Cut DOWN your wrist, not across your wrist. Usually cutting down your wrist is a form of suicide.
Remember kids, down the road not across the street
by Skippito May 20, 2017

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Really depressed and suicidal
Today wasn't a great day feel R D & S
by Flow January 09, 2018

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hulay is a girl who's been through a lot but still wears a smile on her face saying everything is okay. She lights up the room and makes everybody laugh. She's lit asf but she has her insecurities. She's there for everybody and truly a good person. Damn who wouldn't wanna be her.
damn , I was so depressed but hulay helped me out .
by Psuedonymsarelitty April 24, 2017

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When a white person is cutting their wrist and the redness of the cuts on their white skin resembles a candy cane
Sam: "Yo did you see that girl over there? I think she had candy cane marks."
Kiah: "Yeah I saw them too, she needs help."
by gizzycane April 21, 2018

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the place where all the super white kids go and slowly get more depressed
oxford middle school is deppressing
via giphy
by ////////////.................. October 08, 2017

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