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10 seconds
Everyone needs ten seconds after hitting a bong ,due to the fact that you inhale all the pain and stress in your life , you let it surround you’re brain and tighten until your suddenly hit with the real reality ,with your bong in your hands with a empty flame and a empty brain ....
by Edward Rostron January 04, 2019

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Something this website rarely gives in an unbiased manner
I am just searching for the definition of communism in urban dictionary for my essay and all I found is basically "the root of all evil" or "an unimaginably perfect utopia".
by Aeternum Imperium Potesta July 11, 2018

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Something In A Sentence. Used Frequently In Writing.
Johnny Boy: Man That Word Is Awesome
Me: I Can't Come Up With A Sentence So I Do This
Johnny Boy: Why Is My Name Johnny Boy Again?
Me: Because Your Name Is A Word So It's In A Sentence
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by Fucking Communist May 10, 2018

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