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The creepy smirk dead people have on their faces at a funeral.
The funeral was nice but Bob had a real Pinewood Smile on his face.
by Grunky Peep October 16, 2017
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The feeling you get when you go to school and it makes you want to die.
Friend 1: hey how's it going
Friend 2: I'm feeling schoolicidal
by Abigd January 30, 2017
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A dusky beauty who is down to do butt stuff. Usually has curly hair. Tries to be good in sports but ends up fucking himself/herself over.
Man if i had a Rio I would kill myself who wants that in its life.
by SniperGANGNIKON October 15, 2017
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A type of rope specially used when hanging yourself
Go kill yourself using a nuce!
by DankStank69 November 17, 2016
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The inevitable. It will happen. What happens when you die? You imagine... darkness, blank. But no one's there to visualize it. You think you will live forever, but no. Everything ends. Every rock, every grain of sand, every explorer, every conqueror, every risk taker, every gambler, every king, every peasant, every murderer, everything you've ever known. The universe won't "die," it will just get, dark. Dark. Very, very dark.
You will die of something called Death.

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by Psycho12213 September 16, 2017
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A northern slag word Deuth as is DEE-UT-TH as in death!
As in "Bloody hell bob, iv'e been moidered deauth all day love !" or "That mon on telly annoys me deuth"
by Pippypip September 07, 2017
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A person who is addicted to death.
My roommate is a deathaholic.
by TheWordSubmitter April 15, 2017
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