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A fucking dickhead
Jake paul is a fucking dickhead
by Dabbing on the haters August 13, 2017
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A floppy floop with a memory of three seconds. Fears: fish and chips, sharkyteeths, delcattys, sandy santas aka yellow stuff found on those beachy butts, ME'S QUILTONS. Popular pet in Mars and Flumpyland. Needs cheese to survive. Lifespan of 9 seconds. Lovely decorations when dead, put next to a mermaid and a real mermaid will come to your house on Christmas Eve with her granny Mrs Claus to revive the fish.
My fish is dead
via giphy
by QUILTON GIRLS May 16, 2017
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When an artist is brilliant live and then you go and listen to their song after the festival or gig and it's dead.
"Saw action broson live yesterday and he was bangin', looked up his songs after and they were dead"
"That's the "young thug" effect for you"
by Samohtrekoc April 17, 2017
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A website you go to when you’re bored as hell to read definitions made by people who were also bored as hell.
They be foolin on Urban Dictionary.
by Immortal Asshole November 08, 2017
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1.To be tired , give up.

2.When something is too funnydead
I ran out of life last night

Carma you made me run out of life with that joke.
by Bold and fabulous November 21, 2016
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Means dead. A dirt nap, means put someone in the dirt for the final nap
Watch your back or you will be taking a dirty nap.
by weirdalfan1980 September 20, 2016
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