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Deivydas is the worlds sexiest man and he is Anoushka's boyfriend
That's Deivydas and he is Anoushka's boyfriend.
by Mightydicky February 02, 2018

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A little rambunctious brat who watches Ryan's toys review all of the time. He will demolish your candy. If you have a son named David while he's a toddler you would need a lot of patience with him. Good luck.
Man little David is really hyper.
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by TeenKnows December 21, 2016

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Well known in the Spanish language as a reference for short guy.
Eres un “David”. Translation in English is “you are short”
by Neimandescuento May 04, 2018

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David is a sad pathetic wanna be Carlos. He makes up lies about himself to cover up his ugly physical features. He's probably gay, but tries to say straight jokes. Not only is he gay, but he thinks that every boy likes him because they laugh at one of his jokes.
There goes David's fat ass.
by unknown10101010 May 23, 2017

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david is a ugly guy with a watermelon head and he likes guys
david is ugly
by the world.200 July 12, 2017

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